Junior School Changes in Reporting

At the end of this term when you receive your child’s Semester 1 report you will notice some key differences in the report template from last year.

We have taken into account feedback from both parents and teachers and have come up with a new report format which we feel is more clearly presented and provides parents with more information as to how their child is performing, especially in the subjects of English and Mathematics which are key subjects in the younger years.

You will also notice that in other subject areas, the outcomes have been replaced with a comment and a list of the topics that have been the focus of study in that grade.

While students in Years 1-4 will still receive a grade on a five-point scale (A-E), we have removed the grade distributions from the report template. These will still be available via the office if parents request them.

The reports will now also provide details of College activities that the student has been involved in during the semester.

Junior School Semester 1 Reports will be sent home with students on the last day of term.

Mrs Vicki Gunning / Head of Junior School