Welcome! One of the most significant decisions that my wife Jacqui and I made as parents was the choice of school for our daughters. I’m reminded of this in each enrolment interview; as parents choose to trust us to partner with them in their child’s education journey.

As a Christian School, we believe that a God actually exists, and that we can know of his character through the Bible and of his love for humanity through the person of Jesus. We love because of Christ’s love for us. Everything we do is based on this faith foundation. As a result, we aim to educate and care for students, authentically partner with parents and be a community that reflects the character of the Kingdom of God.As a faith-based school, we have a distinct understanding of what “educated” means. It is reflected in our motto of Equipping for LIFE (Love, Integrity, Faith and Empowerment).

We also aspire for excellence; excellence in curriculum, pedagogy, pastoral care, personal development, service to others, co-curricular offerings, systems, procedures and stewardship. We aspire for excellence for two reasons. Firstly, because as we seek to make the most of the gifts and opportunities granted us, we honour God. Secondly, we have a deep moral responsibility to take seriously our role to graduate students who are empowered by being well-educated. The College is enabled by dedicated staff; staff who are committed to relationships – nurturing, maintaining and repairing them and not allowing them to undermine the work of the Holy Spirit.

We are dedicated to our learning, ongoing growth and to the health of the community and to ourselves – serving and walking graciously with one another. I hope that you will come and visit us, ask questions, dig a little deeper and discover whether Charlton is the right place for your child and your family. I really hope it is.

Mark Ash Principal
{MSc.Ed, BSc, Dip Ed}

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