Students will bring home an envelope with a range of important information and their mid-year reports on Friday. Making the reports available before the break is quite deliberate and is aimed at giving parents and students the opportunity to reflect on the achievements and outcomes of semester one.

I am sure that you will recognise the effort and care that teachers put into your child’s report and I encourage you to extract all that you can from it.

This report is a catalyst and vehicle for conversation at the Parent-Teacher-Student (PTS) Conferences. PTS Conferences for students in Years 5-9 and Years 11-12 will be held in the MPC on Tuesday 1 August from 3.10pm – 8.00pm & Wednesday 2 August from 3.10pm – 5.30pm.

Please note that it is vital that all students are expected to join parents and teachers in these Conferences. Through their participation, students can be active participants in discussions about their learning, development and achievement.

Mr Mark Ash / Principal