2017-2021 Strategic Goals

Christian Culture
Goal 1:  To ensure that the Biblical principles in our Vision and Mission are lived out in all aspects of College Life.

Goal 2:  To provide opportunities and support for students to access all aspects of College life so that they can make the most of their God given potential.

Goal 3:  To continue to support staff through professional development and in their spiritual, physical and mental well-being.

College Infrastructure
Goal 4:  To maintain and improve the standard of our facilities, IT infrastructure and grounds.

Teaching and Learning
Goal 5:  To create an effective learning culture in which students are able to achieve their full academic potential.

Administration and Internal Operations
Goal 6:  To strive for best practice in management systems, procedures and communications that meets the needs of the College community.

Goal 7:  To provide stable, committed and effective Governance

Service to Others
Goal 8:  To increase student involvement and opportunity in community service and mission and so develop a greater awareness of the needs of others

College Community
Goal 9:  To continue to strengthen the relationships between students, parents and staff to provide a supportive, respectful and inclusive atmosphere

External Community and Marketing
Goal 10:  To have every family within the Westlakes region familiar with who Charlton is, our value propositions what the College can offer their children, and to promote the College and its facilities as a community hub.


Mr Mark Ash / Principal