It’s now time for the election and appointment of our new School Captains and Prefects.

When talking to some Principals from regional Christian Schools last Friday, I heard that there are some schools where they do not have enough promising young men to act as senior student leaders. Their leadership teams are made up only of girls. I am so pleased that we have both young men and women of good standing who can present themselves as enthusiastic potential leaders in our College.

The process of managing student leadership appointment in the school is a very transparent process. Students are interviewed by Senior Staff as well as current student leaders and are asked to consider ideas such as:

  • Why do you think leaders need a strong character?
  • Describe aspects of your character that you think would make you an asset to the leadership team at Charlton.
  • As a Christian School we openly acknowledge a faith and devotion to God. How does your life reflect that understanding about life and faith at Charlton?
  • How do you think you could make a contribution to the Christian culture in the College?
  • Leaders are interested in the success of others and don’t need a title to have influence or bring about change. What activities have you been involved in that contribute to the life of the College?
  • If you were elected what would you hope to achieve, and how would you do it?

There is an election process for the students who decide to go ahead with their applications after interview. Both staff and students are asked to vote, with the staff and Senior Students having a stronger voice in the selection process due to their greater knowledge of those who are running for ‘office’.

The Captains are elected from those who nominate for the positions and who are considered to be suitable candidates.

What a wonderful process for these young men and women to be involved in. It provides preparation for job interviews later in life, and causes them to think about their strengths and weaknesses and to understand what is required of a leader generally, not just at school.

Here is what one of the applicants wrote about what she would hope to achieve if she was elected as a student leader.

“I would like to further develop this school as a guiding light within the wider community. We have the opportunity to cater for diversity. We can step outside of merely school-based programs and create networks with the community. We can encourage the student body to embrace local charitable organisations utilising their God-given skills, abilities and gifts… Graduates of Charlton Christian College will be young Australians with a deeper understanding of the world they live in and therefore develop an inclusive, non-judgemental view of the world, allowing peers to appreciate each other’s’ differences, have mutual respect, and political social awareness… spreading and shining God’s love to our community and providing positive exposure of the School, equipping students for life.”

This is the calibre of the young people who will become Senior Student Leaders for the coming year, eventually moving into the world of study and work, ready to contribute positively to their community and nation. Well done parents! Well done Charlton!

Mrs Sue Skuthorpe

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