Staff at Charlton are looking at our Core Values and reassessing them prior to the commencement of the new Principal. It is important to know who we are and what we value. It is helpful to write down what we believe and what we treasure.

I have listed some of our Core values below. They are grouped around the College name.

C – Critical and Creative Thinking

H – Healthy Lifestyle

A – Advocacy

R – Relational

L – Life and Faith

T – Technology and Information Literacy

O – Owning Oneself

N – Numeracy For Living

I wonder what you think the details of each value incorporate. Here are some of them.

  • Divergent thinking / thinking outside the square.
  • Critical literacy & reflective thinking.
  • Resilience: coping with change, stresses and the demands of life
  • Mental health: recognition & management
  • Empowerment to speak up for what is right, to be a voice for the voiceless
  • Focus on community: service & generosity
  • Communication & listening skills
  • Working cooperatively & collaboratively
  • Sense of the importance of the individual (humanity) created in the image of God and therefore unique
  • Faith in God’s presence and help through prayer, the Word & development of Spiritual Gifts
  • Digital literacy and digital citizenship
  • Self-love /self-respect / self-belief
  • Developing respect for alternate world views, values & perspectives
  • Stewardship & fiscal responsibility
  • Enterprise, development & marketing.

Great aren’t they?

Mrs Sue Skuthorpe

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