“Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stick like an octopus on your face”.  Anonymous
Most often in Middle School, but sometimes later, there can be painful times for children in their relationships.  In such times, it’s important that we step in and help our kids to be discerning in their friendships and sticky in those friendships they have.

True friends
Just like the octopus on the face from the quote, true friends are sticky – in terms of being forgiving, helpful and faithful. That’s the wisdom of Proverbs 17 and 18; whoever wants to show love forgives a wrong. But those who talk about it separate close friends … a friend loves at all times. They are there to help when trouble comes … and a person with unfaithful friends soon comes to ruin. But there is a “friend who sticks closer than a brother or sister”.

Sticky friends forgive
Can your child forgive the hurt they have experienced? The hurt may mean that they can no longer trust the person. However, forgiving a friend does mean not using it as a weapon to hurt the person who hurt them.

Sticky friends help one another
Friends go out of their way to help one another and notice when their friends are going through a hard time and need a hand.

Sticky friends are faithful
Faithful means being honest, trustworthy and dependable. We all need at least one friend who is so faithful that they are honest enough to pull us up and tell us when we are going off track and causing hurt to ourselves and others. That’s a real test of a faithful friend.

Sticky friends show forgiveness, helpfulness and faithfulness. Wisdom from an octopus and God’s word in Proverbs.

Mr Mark Ash / Principal