Do You Really Know Enough About Digital Technology And How To Protect Your Child?  You are invited to a Parent Information evening regarding Cyber Safety on Tuesday 5 September at 6.30pm – 8.00pm. 

As we move to the 1-1 device program in Years 7,9 &10 -12 next year, we will be equipping parents, staff and students maximize the benefits and minimize the potential threats.  Recent studies show that 70% of students are hiding their online behaviour from their parents. This is why most parents feel their children are safe online. But are they?

Many parents either don’t want to know what their children are up to online out of fear of what they might find out, or think because they (the parent) use social media and technology that they know enough to protect their children from harm online. But did you know that children/teens use technology and apps very differently from the average adult? They share different content, and explore the internet in a way most adults do not. Scroll through your child’s Instagram account one day and see what they see!

Don’t wait till something goes wrong before you get up to date with your child’s online world.

Mr Mark Ash / Principal