Across the schooling sector, it has been noted that there are a number of factors fracturing the well-being of young people, and that COVID last year made the cracks wider for many. We have seen over the last few years that mental health issues are on the rise. Read More.

There are many potential causes. Students are exposed to an ideology of expressive individualism like never before. This tells them that they are the centre of their universe and need no reference to anything outside of themselves. Family and societal breakdown, as well as polarisation on almost every issue breed an anxiety over the future. Now, strong family and community relationships are needed more than ever

On a practical note, there needs to be active resistance to, rather than encouragement of, anything more than 8hrs a week part-time work.

Addictions to gaming and social media and lack of sleep need to be challenged earlier rather than later and confronted head-on. Anyone of these issues can threaten not only achievement but the fabric of adolescent well-being.

Finally, though part-time work, sport and cultural activities are good and healthy, over commitment to anyone of them can having lasting negative impact. Sport or cultural activities need to are relegated to where they belong, and that students understand that they are full time students first and everything else second.

You may feel that as your child gets older, they need you less. Nothing could further from the truth.

You are becoming a guide on the side, but this needs to be an active, daily, hands-on guiding.

For us at Charlton, schooling is our calling and we strive to build a community that can support your child’s learning, their questioning about the meaning and purpose of life and their overall development. We look forward to partnering with you.


Mr Mark Ash / Principal

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