As I write this, I can’t help but think about the wonderful inventions and innovations that have come from times of adversity. The Black Death in the 14th Century halted wars and transformed the balance of class power in Europe. Sir Issac Newton did some of his best work during the Great Plague of London, and the Spanish Flu in the 20th Century assisted in the creation of National Health Services across Europe.

From times of duress and aversion great things can happen. However, on a micro-scale there are certain comforts that have been thrust upon us during isolation, and I’ve really begun to enjoy them – to the point where I hope we don’t return to “normal”.

I’ve enjoyed the downtime and not having to ‘rush off to….’

I’ve enjoyed (more frequent) quiet and solemn conversations with my kids…

I’ve enjoyed our Sunday afternoon movies (and the cuddles that come with this quiet time)

These things are easily scheduled and I can ensure they continue even as isolation changes, but it is all too easy to let the busyness of the world creep back in and forgo the slow pace that we have just been through. Glen Gerreyn from The HopeFull Institute has written an article titled “I hope we never go back to normal” and there are nine social elements that he examines which sparked deep thought. You can read the article here.

I hope the article provoked some thoughts about our time so far in 2020. I know that I will be re-evaluating the way things were prior to COVID-19 and maintaining those things that I have become attached to in isolation.

Mrs Emma Davidge / Head of Senior School