Among other things, the Easter season is synonymous with the start of the Rugby League season.

Though I have never played anything more than the odd game of touch, I again find myself admiring the athleticism, teamwork and self-discipline of the players, and being enthralled by the drama and tension of the first few rounds.

For others though, watching any kind of football is as exciting as watching paint dry and a mere distraction from the realities of life. In the same way, many consider the biblical accounts of Easter to be ho-hum and quite irrelevant. But if you take the time over the Easter break to read some of the final chapters of each of the Gospels, you will find accounts that are dripping with drama, tension and victory.

I invite you to put yourself in the story as one of the players. Allow yourself to feel the fear in the voices of the disciples, the political pressure on Pilate, or the agony of Christ. How could it be that Jesus could begin the week by being resoundingly welcomed into Jerusalem and yet find himself on the cross at the end of the week? As you experience the events of Easter for yourself, they will lead you to two declarations that have great relevance for us.

Firstly, that we mean so much to God, he was willing to give his son’s life for us upon the cross. He willingly did that to cover the cost of our rebellion against him. His love for us therefore is awesome and extensive. Secondly, he declares that through Christ, the ultimate frontier of death has been beaten and destroyed.

I don’t know of a better come-from-behind win than that.

At Charlton we long for all families who are a part of this community to know the life-changing nature of God’s love. If you would like to explore faith in anyway, you are warmly welcomed to come and have a chat with any staff member who you know and trust or the College Chaplain, Matt Stackhouse – he’ll make you a great coffee! Just give the school a call and make an appointment.

Mr Mark Ash

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