This Christmas I am challenged by the notion that reconciliation with God is an ongoing work. It is at the same time, done, and being done.

It is “done” in that reconciliation was achieved once and for all on the Cross. From an eternal perspective, God has won us back– our salvation does not depend on us, or what we do but is entirely God’s gift of grace, purposed in Jesus. This is His gift to us.

But He has also involved us in the “doing” – in His message of reconciliation. Why? This is also God’s gift: to allow us to participate in Kingdom work. In the end, it is another expression of His desire to bring us into a relationship with Him and to restore relationships with others.

When we work effectively with each other relationships are formed, healed and cemented. God wants us to be a part of His ministry of reconciliation because He wants us to know Him better, working for Him and with Him for outcomes of eternal significance.

We look forward to continuing to share this work with you in 2018 – but in the meantime, I pray you will be struck by a renewed sense of the fullness of God – His grace and truth – as you celebrate the birth of the Christ child.

These are important questions and conversations to have in our homes as well. As children grow into early adolescence and begin to question the beliefs and rules of their parents, they will need us a sounding board to develop their own personal beliefs and values system. When the school and home are working together on such a task, the children in our care will benefit.

Mr Mark Ash / Principal