Technology is ubiquitous.  More chances than not, your child is on a device, in an app, in some online chat or watching something funny throughout their time in travel or at home with you.

They might have their own phone (or yours on loan) with internet search functions, location devices switched on, or just with an ability to receive messages or calls from you (you hope).

The question is: given access to technology, social media and answers to most things at our fingertips, do we have confidence that our kids are safe, behaving themselves online and are treating others kindly in cyberspace?

I wonder if you, like me, might not be able to answer with assurance the following:

  • How do I report online bullying or abuse?
  • What is cyberflashing?
  • Can you delete an Instagram or Facebook account completely?
  • Do you know the explicit uses of emojis or the shorthand explicit codes in texts?
  • What are Huggy Wuggies?
  • Are there traps in online gaming?
  • How can I be a resilient parent?
  • What’s “My Eyes Only” in Snapshot?
  • Are there safety tips for TikTok?
  • Do you know about Only Fans?

The easy answer is, “I mightn’t know, but I can find out really easily”.  Why would I say that?  Whether you think you know, you’re not sure, or you literally have no idea, there’s a wealth of information and detail at your fingertips.

In 2022, Charlton’s Parent’s Association sponsored our Safe On Social platform that gives access for all of this year to a bunch of online resources.  Direct, informative and designed for parents, you can work through all or some of the content (and answer the questions above)!

Please access it.  Refer to it.  Use it.  Such a great resource for all of us at least for this year.  It’s worth your time.

Mr Benton Craig / Deputy Principal