Not all kids love Maths. In fact, some hate it. Usually, this is because they think they are no good at it. Many kids feel like a failure at Maths and equate this to being “dumb”.

We, of course, know this is simply not true. We all have the capacity to do maths. Even those of us who struggle with it can understand the more basic concepts. That’s “doing maths”. Sometimes; however, the curriculum moves faster than we can keep up.

In Middle School, we have been trialling a new Maths program with a handful of students, and we love it! (Pssst…and so do they). The program is called ‘My 5 Minute Math Tutor’. And, I have permission to give it a plug.

My 5 Minute Math Tutor, or My5MMT, is an online, learning platform focusing on explicit teaching methods of explaining maths. That’s explicit teaching…. just like having your very own tutor, on hand that you can play and replay in short 5 minute segments. It’s great for those with short attention spans.

It also comes with follow up work sheets and revision segments, helping kids develop an “I can do mentality”.

If your child is in Years 1-7 and you are looking into Math tutoring, or a way to support your child in Maths at home, I would highly recommend this program.

If you would like to learn more, visit their website:

Mrs Karen Buchanan / Middle School Learning Support Coordinator