The transition from childhood to adulthood is more challenging today than ever before and at Charlton we want to make the most of this time where students are bursting with creativity, energy and interest by providing a challenging, engaging and fun school experience.

We recognise the need for students to be connected emotionally and socially as well as intellectually to remain engaged, particularly as they experience tremendous change between ages 10-15. It is easy for students to ‘fall through the cracks’ during this time in a traditional school setting.

During the middle years, our students are provided with a Core Teacher who understands the specific needs of students in his age range. Core Teachers oversee student’s well-being across academic and spiritual growth, as well as social and emotional development. Students meet with their Core Teacher each morning and are assigned a home room where they can belong. They also benefit from specialist teachers in a wide range of subjects such as Music, Technology and Visual Arts.

Middle School students participate in a variety of experiences that help educate the whole person. Our FUEL (Fun Unique Educational Learning) elective program helps students find and develop their passion in learning areas that suit them, with activities ranging from surfing, mountain biking and rocket science to drama, art, cooking and jewellery making. Students choose from 13 different electives each term.

Charlton encourages service and leadership, giving Middle School students the opportunity to be student leaders and to care for each other across Years 5-8. As they intermingle and get to know each other in FUEL electives, they meet others who are like-minded, make new friends and form stronger community.

Middle School, a great place to be!

Mrs Tammy Perrim / Head of Middle School