“Change is the hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.” This quote pretty much sums up Year 7. Right about now, students and parents will be pulling their hair out as due dates loom and assessments are due. Although the Middle School concept does a great deal to transition students from Primary to Secondary educational systems, it cannot eliminate all the changes necessary for students to manage and succeed in the next six years of learning.

The beginning is the hardest. That’s true. It should never get harder than first term. As new systems are in place, expectations differ, there are more teachers to communicate with and more subjects to juggle, it can seem overwhelming. However, we have procedures in place to support you and your child through this new regime. Things like Assessment Maps (which are located on HQ and pasted into the front of student diaries), help you and your child stay ahead of the game. Refer to it often, paste a copy on the fridge and be proactive. Ask the hard questions, “Have you started working on your XXXX Assessment which is coming up in two weeks?” “Tell me what your assessment is about.”

You may also notice a header on assessment tasks which indicates the approximate time the average student is expected to work, in class and at home, on this task. Of course, factors such as the amount of time students apply themselves in class and absenteeism all affect this ratio.

And finally, the Appeal process where parents can apply for an extension for their children, for a variety of reasons, can give students a bit of breathing space while they learn to manage their time and workload. Appeal applications can also be found on HQ and should be sent to the subject teacher.

By the time students reach the end of the year, they should have grown in confidence, time management and organizational skills. We’re here to support your children but it’s a journey.

Tammy Perrim / Head of Middle School