Can I help my child become smarter in 2024?
“Executive function” – it’s a secret sauce of school success because through Stages 3-6, achieving high grades requires them. 


How can they be developed?
We can become weary of telling children day after day what they need to be doing. We can reduce our weariness and, at the same time, build their executive function by replacing directions with thought-provoking questions. Replacing “Please take out your book”, with “What do we need to be ready for reading?” is an example of nudging students toward greater executive functioning and greater responsibility. Replacing directions with questions helps increase awareness of patterns and routines, and places the locus of self-management where it should be; with the children.

Try these six magic questions to build executive function:

  1. What do you notice?
  2. What parts do you understand?
  3. What do you think you need right now?
  4. How can you tell?
  5. Where can you look for that information?
  6. How will you remember to use that strategy or take that action?

When we ask these questions regularly, our kids and students get used to hearing them, and they can be applied automatically as students solve problems throughout their day.
What a gift for students to be able to tackle that type of thinking on their own.

Read Sarah Kesty’s full article “Supporting Executive Function Skills by Asking Questions”

Mr Mark Ash / Principal