I always find I gain more from an event if I know in advance what I want from it. Have you thought about what you want from attending Charlton’s Open Day? It is the ideal opportunity for prospective families to tour classrooms, talk to the teachers about the opportunities and culture of the College.

Here are 9 questions that will help you get the most out of Open Day.

For all parents (K-12)

  1. Why do current parents find Charlton to be a safe and nurturing place for their child?
  2. What Creative/Performing Arts and Sporting opportunities exist?

For parents of children looking to enter Middle School (Years 5-8)

  1. Why does the College have a Middle School and what are its benefits?
  2. What subjects will be on offer for my child to study?
  3. How well equipped are the specialist classrooms and teachers?
  4. What co-curricular activities are available?

For parents of children looking enter Senior School (Years 9-12)

  1. What is the two-year HSC and how is it beneficial?
  2. Can Charlton meet the needs of students who are bound for University, Vocational Education of the Workforce?
  3. What support services does the College have?

You can learn a lot on the day by talking with the student tour guides, teachers in their classrooms and any other staff member, who will be present.

There is some community perceptions that it is too hard to enrol at Charlton because we are full. While we do have waiting pools for several year levels, families often move out of the area and spaces become available quickly.  So you might be joining the Charlton community sooner than you thought.

We also have started taking enrolment applications for Kindy and Year 7 for 2025.   You can never be too early!

The best way to feel if Charlton is a good fit for your child is to attend Open Day.  Visit the classrooms and school areas that your child will be using, chat with the teachers and find out for yourself how well they will care for your child. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mr Mark Ash / Principal