Welcome to Charlton Christian College, the place where something wonderful is always happening!
..a place which begins a journey of life-long learning
..where Christian service promotes the ideal that students are not only focused on self but on God and others.
Equipping for Life. A life of Love, Integrity, Faith and Empowerment.
..a place where dreams and visions are inspired and enabled to become a reality.
Charlton Christian College offers students an educational opportunity established on a Christian Foundation.
..teachers who are dedicated to helping children to achieve their God given purpose and potential.
At Charlton we pride ourself on instilling good values, the right attitudes, and strong beliefs.
Charlton is a school where children not only grow, but thrive.
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Special Features/ Programs of Charlton Junior School

Literacy: Intense Phonics Program

At Charlton Christian College we recognise that all students learn in different ways and have designed our Junior School Literacy program to accommodate and meet these various learning styles. Classes K to 4 are taught a school-adapted program for phonics that is based on LEM Phonics. The philosophy of the LEM program is that writing, spelling and reading should be taught simultaneously, using as many of the five senses as possible to consolidate what is being learnt. Whether your child learns more effectively through visual or auditory perception or kinesthetically (feel), they are given a wide range of opportunities to retain what has been learnt. Using the phonograms and rules, the child is better able to make sense of the English language, which is generally considered inconsistent. By the end of Kindergarten our students are reading and blending sounds well. They have been taught 75 phonograms (sounds) of the English language, which they apply readily to text. Most students complete their Kindergarten year with a Reading Age well above that of their Chronological Age. LEM Phonics continues through our Junior School until the end of Year 4.

Learning Connections

"Learning Connections" is a Brisbane based program which was established in the 1970s initially to help students with attention, behaviour and learning disabilities. It has since been modified to be a program which is becoming more widely used in schools to help all students, not just those who are struggling to learn. Many of you may have heard about "brain gym" programs. In a similar way, the Learning Connection School Program is a practical movement program which promotes developmental maturity, helping students of all abilities reach their full potential. The program is designed to enhance the building blocks that precede learning. Reading, writing, spelling and maths are often referred to as the "basics" of schooling. However, these are extremely complex neurological processes which develop readily when there is optimal sensory motor development.
As well as experiencing improvements in these areas, Junior School staff have found the students to be more focussed, settled and calm they are after doing the program.
The program will be implemented for 20 minutes daily, during the morning session. Studies show it is regularity and consistency of the program that brings improved results.

Parents' Testamonials

We recently enrolled our children at Charlton after our family moved into the area and we were extremely impressed with the love and care that was given to our family from the moment we arrived. We continue to be greatly encouraged to see Christian values and principles taught and applied within the school. As parents we feel our children are in a great place physically and spiritually, and further testimony to this is that our children absolutely love going to school each day!

Attending Charlton has been great for my children. It's not just about how they've improved academically, but having supportive and nurturing staff has helped them to develop maturity with good standards. Their time at Charlton is the happiest my children have been.

My girls have been at Charlton Christian College for nearly four years now and the school has truly blessed their lives and the life of our family. Educationally and spiritually my girls have been supported and encouraged, with high standards expected in every sphere. I thank the leadership and staff for all the hard work, care and concern that they have demonstrated over the years.

From the Children

My school is the best. It is set in the bush, with lots of trees. Sometimes we see lizards and ducks. Today we saw a mother duck and her ducklings walking across the playground, which was pretty cool. I like the teachers a lot and I know they like me. I can tell by the way they look at me and listen to what I have to say. There are also always great activities happening like French Day, Crazy Tie Day, Fun Runs, Teddy Bear Picnics, Sport Days and heaps more. The music at our school is amazing, you should hear the band at Chapel. I'm even learning the guitar. Yeh, I reckon our school is the best!

I like Charlton because they have really nice teachers and will soon have a new playground. I also like Charlton because I can stay here until I am in Year 12. Sometimes we get to use the classrooms that are for the older students, like the Cooking room and the Science Lab. We have a really nice library and two big computer labs.
The teachers teach us lots of really great things. They help us to be kind and keep the school looking nice. We also learn how to be a Christian. This is my second year at Charlton. I like it a lot.
By: Emmaleigh Royce, Year 3

I like Charlton Christian College because we have wonderful teachers, lots of friends, nice people, two computer labs, a colourful library and our school goes up to Year 12.
I am new to this school. It is my favourite school and a great one!
By: Laura Barry, Year 4

I like Charlton because the teachers are awesomely great!! At lunchtimes we have lots of different things to do like computers, read books at the library, play on the play equipment, chess club, Princess Club and talk to the teachers. I like it here a lot.
By: Philippa Amos, Year 4

Hello, my name is Jenaya. I am going to tell you why I like Charlton. I like it because we get to learn about God and many more things. The teachers help us to try our best in everything we do and not to be lazy.
By: Jenaya Allen, Year 4

I like Charlton Christian College because we get to praise God. We also support each other and help each other. It's nice how all the teachers help us and they even get excited for us if we win something, or talk with us if we have a problem. I have great friends at Charlton and am very pleased that I can stay here until I finish Year 12.
By: Brittany Ayres, Year 4

I liked the way the teachers danced with us at the disco. It was funny.
By: Lillie Hall, Year 2

I like Charlton because the teachers are nice and so are the students. At my other school, people swore and started fights. They don't do that here. Our teachers help us learn lots of Maths and Literacy. Yesterday I got to go to a Leadership afternoon with the Student Leaders in Middle and Senior School. It was lots of fun learning from them how to be a good leader.
By: Brady Garbett, Year 4

I like Chapel because Mr Newsome is fun and we get to sing and dance and have fun. Mrs Gunning also gives out the Champion Class Shield.
By: Maddisson Willson, Year 1

Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Charlton Christian College, the place where something wonderful is always happening! I have a vision for Charlton, a dream that it will be a place which begins a journey of life-long learning; where education is encouraged and appreciated; and where Christian service promotes the ideal that students are not only focused on self but on God and others. The four Cornerstones of our College are built on the foundation of our Motto: "Equipping for Life". A life of Love. A life of Integrity. A life of Faith. A life of Empowerment. These will then establish our community-building values of excellence in relationships; good and Godly character; wisdom which is grounded in Christ; and the development of students' gifts and talents through the joy born of hard work and determination. Let me invite you to share the Charlton journey where your children will be equipped for life, both now and into the future.

Sue Skuthorpe

A Message from our?Board Chair

There are four broad areas where I see our College making a vital difference in the lives of students, their families, the staff and the community at large:

Educational Excellence
Many schools are judged by academic standards set by the students in the school. However, whilst quality academic performance is fundamentally important, what is most valuable is that each student achieves his or her potential according to the gifts / talents / skills he or she possesses. If someone has creative skill, we help that blossom as much as someone with strong mathematical skill, or trade skill. Our parents can say that their children are appreciated and nurtured and given all reasonable opportunity to achieve to their particular potential and our community recognises that Charlton students consistently deliver strong results across all disciplines, through to HSC level.

Personal Excellence
All of our students have an equal opportunity to develop their self-esteem, to understand how to build relationships of respect and support with peers and adults, to understand that they have particular strengths and a purpose that can be used to enhance not only their own lives, but also the lives of others. Each student understands the value of giving and adding value to the community, and each child is given the opportunity to learn leadership, self-confidence, responsibility and self-motivation. A measurement of our success is the strong and consistent positive community feedback on the personal qualities of the students and alumni of the college.

Financial, Social and Ethical Excellence
This College must be built on a rock-solid foundation of Christ's principles. In all dealings our students, families, staff and the community are able to acknowledge that our actions and decisions are ideally based on integrity, equity, ethical considerations, grace, fairness, yet decisiveness to deal with any problems which may affect the welfare of any student or the College itself. In addition, the College strives to plan and act in a fiscally responsible manner, to ensure its long-term health and the welfare of all those involved with the College.

Christian Excellence
Charlton Christian College facilitates positively changed lives for those people across the region who are touched by members of our College community. We will always be unashamedly a Christian institution, and we happily accept families who are willing to accept that these are the foundational beliefs of everything that is said and done at the College. We undertake to positively influence the lives of all students and their families, through our principles, our example, our culture and our support so that they understand and appreciate Jesus and the difference He will make in their lives. For those who choose to follow and sustain the Christian path, we endeavour to help them through the process of growing in their Faith. We always try to do this respectfully as we teach our students from a Christian world view. May God bless each one of you as you make this important decision of whether you want us to share with us in the task of equipping your children for life.


Governance Structure
The "ownership" of the Christian Education Foundation Limited, a not for profit Public Company limited by guarantee, is held by the Company members, who are a group of evangelical Christian men and women from the Christian community. These may include parents, staff, past students, past parents and other Christians who are interested in supporting the ministry of the Christian Education Foundation Limited?and who pay an annual (nominal) membership subscription.
The Members meet each April at the Annual General meeting (and at other times as required) to be informed of College operations, to approve Company changes and elect Directors of the Company.
Christian Education Foundation operates Charlton Christian College and the Board has appointed a College Council to oversee the operations of the College. The Council comprises, Directors appointed by the Company, the President of the Parents Association or his or her appointee, and the Principal.
The Business Manager attends in an ex-officio capacity. The Council restricts its agenda to strategic matters, setting the future Vision and planning towards its realisation, as well as giving direction to the Principal.?

Our College Board Members are:
Christian Education Directors
Dr Rodney Gray (Chair)
Mr John Hickey,
Mrs Sue Moffit,
Mrs Lyndall Pascoe,
Mr Bruce Evans

College Staff
Mr John Kroon (Business Manager) -Ex-officio
Mrs Susan Skuthorpe (Principal) -Ex-officio

Charlton Christian College LIFE Cornerstones

L_OVE: Demonstrating God's love within a merciful and just community. Colossians 3: 12-14 

I_NTEGRITY: Building character and excellence through courageous discipleship. Romans 5: 3-5    

F_AITH: Growing a people of hope, freedom and wisdom through confidence in the Work of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 3:12

E_MPOWERMENT: Developing a body of talented, passionate and radical Christians, ready to transform their world. John 14:12 

A Cornerstone is the corner building block which gives strength and lineal direction to a building. A Cornerstone ensures that the building lines up and has structural integrity.
Our Cornerstones make sure that the College we are building lines up with God's purposes and has educational integrity. In the Bible it says: (Ephesians 2:20-22) You are like a building with the apostles and prophets as the foundation and with Christ as the most important stone (the cornerstone). Christ is the one who holds the building together and makes it grow into a holy temple for the Lord. And you are part of that building Christ has built as a place for God's own Spirit to live.
Christ is the foundation of the Christian Church and the cornerstone of a life built on God. This is what we want for our College.
As the College continues to grow and develop these words will be ones which inform everything we do. Not judgmentally, not to control people, but to release them into their God-given gifts and talents.


We believe:

There is one God, existing eternally as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He is the Creator of all things visible and invisible. He created human beings to be in a loving relationship with Him. God is holy, loving, good, just and wise. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternally existing one and only Son of God who became a human being through conception by the power of God and a virgin birth. He was without sin; truly God; truly man. In love, Jesus Christ voluntarily suffered the penalty of death by crucifixion for the sin of the whole world. He was buried and rose from the dead on the third day. He is now seated at the right hand of God. 

The Holy Spirit is the eternally existing Spirit of God. He reveals the Truth and convicts people of sin, leads them to repentance, creates faith within them and regenerates them.  He comforts, guides, instructs and empowers Christians for godly living and service.

By personal faith in Jesus Christ people can know the complete forgiveness of sins, be reconciled to God, become members of the family of God and receive eternal life. Christ lives in every Christian by the Holy Spirit from the moment they commit their lives to Jesus and become part of God's family. People can have two-way communication with God through prayer. 

The Church, called the Body of Christ, is composed of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. Members use their God-given gifts to build up and minister to each other and the wider community.

The Bible in its entirety was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and is the infallible Word of God. It is the sole authority for Christians and is absolutely binding in matters of Faith and conduct. The Word of God is living and active and has power to change lives.

Satan comes to kill, rob and destroy. He is the originator of all evil and because of him sin, suffering and sickness came into the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve, the first humans. All people are fallible and sinful, unable by their own efforts or work, to meet the standards of a holy God. However, Jesus brings abundant life which believers receive by grace through faith. 

The Lord Jesus Christ will return in person to receive all believers to Himself and to set up His kingdom. At that time all believers will be united with Him eternally but those who have rejected Jesus Christ as Saviour will be separated from God eternally.  Then there will be a new heaven and a new earth in which God's sovereignty will be unchallenged.

Please feel free to download the relevant Application Form below and post it to the College with accompanying documentation.

If you are looking for specific positions vacant, please locate and download the whole package for the relevant position from the 'Positions Vacant' tab.

Applications for Teachers / Non-Teaching Staff should be addressed to the College Principal, Mrs Susan Skuthorpe.

Application for Employment (Teacher)

Application for Employment (Non-Teacher)

Applications for Student (University Practicum Placements) and Casual Teachers should be addressed to the Assistant Principal, Mr Alan Feeney.

Application for Employment (Student/Teacher Casual)


"Charlton Christian College will strive to provide Christ-focused education of excellence, within a positive, creative, challenging and caring community."

From this come the College's Foundational Statements (which are not in any order of priority):

Foundational Statements

a. The nurture and strengthening of each student in the Christian faith and lifestyle.
b. The pursuit of excellence and the attainment of each student's spiritual, academic, sporting, creative, leadership and potential.
c. The provision of a secure, caring, challenging and positive learning environment for each child.
d. The instilling of Christian values that espouse responsibility, respect, reliability and reverence, towards God, themselves and others in the community.
e. The fostering of a cohesive and supportive Christ-centred community where teachers, parents and students work together for the greater good of each person.
f. The support and development of staff: professionally, physically and spiritually.

Development of the Foundational Statements

a. The nurture and strengthening of each student in the Christian faith and lifestyle Ephesians 4:15-19,26; Luke 6: 39-45; 1 Corinthians 10:33-11:1; John 14:6; John 3:16 This statement recognises the supreme importance of salvation and sanctification and that under the direction of the Holy Spirit each student will be guided towards Jesus Christ who is their Lord and saviour. The process involved will be one of discipleship involving the modelling of beliefs, values and attitudes by staff and other members of our Christian community, as well as the development of critical thinking and evaluation of Christian beliefs and lifestyle.
b. The pursuit of excellence and the attainment of each student's spiritual, academic, sporting, creative and leadership potential Romans 12:1-2; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Corinthians 9:24-25 Students need the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to take their place in society and to be able to draw upon all the richness and wisdom of humanity. They also need to be taught to wonder at and respect God's creation and their innate God-given potential in many fields of endeavour. The process involved in helping students to reach their God-given potential may include a multidisciplinary approach to learning, with provision of appropriate resources, student developed goals which provide them with a sense of ownership, and the provision of a variety of opportunities to discover and explore their gifts.
c. The provision of a secure, caring, challenging and positive learning environment for each child Philippians 1:9-11; Galatians 5:19-23; Matthew 18:12-14; John 10:11-15; James 3:9-10; 1 Corinthians13 In the wrong atmosphere the spirit of a child will close up. Students need an environment where they will be free to reach their potential. They need to develop a sense of hope and resilience in order to claim their place in God's world. The process involved in helping students to feel safe and listened to, and free to express their ideas and hopes and dreams without fear of condemnation, will include a well-disciplined and ordered classroom which provides ample opportunity to exercise and develop God given gifts; an awareness of the culture within which we are immersed; and a continuing commitment to ensuring that the relevance of Scripture to that culture, is taught, and critiqued. The concept of 'competition' will be held in tension at all times to ensure that 'coming first' is not seen as a measure of a child's worth.
d. The instilling of Christian values that espouse responsibility, respect, reliability and reverence, towards God, themselves and others in the community Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 2:12-13; Galatians 5:22-23; 1 Peter 2:17, 3:15; Titus 2:6-8; Proverbs 13:13; Mark 12:29-31; Hebrews 13:17 Students need to be trained in self discipline. To this end the formation of good habits is of utmost importance. If we fail to lay down habits of right thinking and right acting, habits of wrong thinking and wrong action fix themselves of their own accord. As with our first foundational statement the process involved will be one of integration involving the modelling of beliefs values and attitudes by staff and other members of our Christian community, as well as the development of critical thinking skills. A strong focus on the development of self discipline, accountability, leadership skills and opportunities across the College, community involvement and a sense of ministry and mission should be actively encouraged.
e. The fostering of a cohesive and supportive Christ-centred community where teachers, parents and students work together for the greater good of each person Ephesians 4; Philippians 2:4; 1 Corinthians 12:11-12; Acts 2:42-47 Not only should the curriculum be holistic and taught in the most conducive atmosphere under liberating discipline but the entire school experience for students and their carers alike, should breathe life. A sense of and understanding of 'community' will be developed which includes loving tolerance, a sense of identity and belonging, a shared vision, and a school structure which allows people to work together in understanding and interdependence. The concept of 'service' needs to be initiated and nurtured. Parents must also be supported and encouraged in their 'ministry' to their children.
f. The support and development of staff: professionally, physically and spiritually Romans 12:1-2 and 8; Matthew 15:14; 1 Timothy 3 and 5:17-18; 2 Timothy 2 and 4:1-5; In order to ensure that staff are able to fulfil their calling and their professional responsibilities, it is necessary to provide opportunities to be professionally developed and to be encouraged in the Word of God. To effect this, teachers and support staff will be provided with a positive and supportive environment where they are valued as members of a vital team who are adding value to the wider College community. Good working conditions, appropriate and fair pay, and the opportunity to be spiritually developed, will be given priority. An understanding of, and adherence to the College Mission, Vision and Statement of Faith will provide the foundation for all activities within the College


In our rapidly growing College students are encouraged to recognise their value as young people made in the image of God and to express that understanding in their commitment to study and service to others. The values of reverence for God, respect for others, reliability and responsibility, within the context of a supportive, Christian community are key factors in the ethos of the school.

We believe that as our College fulfils its task of equipping students for life and preparing them for eternity it will have a significant impact for the Kingdom of God in the Western Lakes Region and beyond.

This education will be provided in the first instance for parents who have a commitment to Jesus as Saviour and Lord and who regularly attend their local Church. Other wider community members who understand the principles upon which our school is built and wish to participate wholeheartedly in the life of our school, will be welcomed into the College community.


We aim to provide affordable Christian education which develops all students in a Godly way towards a perceptive, critical (discerning) and compassionate understanding of the society in which we live. We aim to help our students to develop wisdom , which can be described as the ability to look at and respond to life from God s perspective. We believe that this is best achieved through grounding in the Word of God toward a lifestyle which expresses the values and attitudes contained in the Bible. This is summed up in our College Motto: Equipping for Life. We believe that as our College fulfils its task of equipping students for life it will have a significant impact for the Kingdom of God in the Western Lakes Region and beyond.

Junior School at Charlton Christian College lays the successful building blocks for your child's future schooling. Rather than simply teaching the traditional three Rs of education. reading, riting and rithmetic. Charlton Junior School also believes in the five Es, explore, express, experience, engage and entertain.

Because staff believe that all children are unique and full of potential, they present a curriculum that is practical and hands-on and caters for the many different learning styles, talents and abilities that children have. We pride ourself on having an innovative phonics program that sees a large majority of our students experience reading successful well above that of their chronological age and our wonderful Junior School staff are fully trained to implement the practical movement "Learning Connections Program" which promotes the development of neurological maturity and left and right brain cross-over.

Each year we offer our students participation in great activities such as Fun Runs, Book Week Activities, Sporting Events, Excursions, Guest Presenters, Choir, Dance Groups, Camps and much more.

Junior School is about setting a solid grounding in positive work habits, dress and behaviour. It's about helping our children establish positive friendships and to teach them how to work and play effectively with others.

Junior School staff also see that their role is about inspiring our children, about making learning fun and about ensuring that all children experience success, encouragement and acknowledgement in these early and very vital years.

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One of the innovative features of our Middle School has been the introduction of a program called "SMARTRACK". This program is designed to help students develop the God-given gifts and abilities that they have in specific areas by providing opportunities to extend those abilities on a more significant level. God has given each person these unique gifts and abilities to enjoy and to serve others. We desire to enable our students to develop as whole people as they progress through Middle School.

Schools traditionally focus on the important areas of Literacy and Numeracy, while students who have difficulty in these areas sometimes label themselves as dumb. Instead of asking children: "How smart are you?", we aim to ask the question: "How are you smart?" In doing this we aim to raise the level of motivation and engagement of our students by providing opportunities for them to develop their strengths, while at the same time developing greater self-confidence in tackling those areas of their studies that they don't always find easy, and improving their basic skills.

In each of the smarTrack classes all of the key learning areas required by the NSW Department of Education and the Board of Studies will be covered. However, students in each focus class will have more opportunities throughout the curriculum to express their abilities in particular areas. This will take the form of electives and interesting learning experiences in class.

The four SMARTRACK classes are:
1. CAPATRACK- Creative and Performing Arts- dance, drama, visual arts, music. These students are creative people who love drawing, singing, painting or acting; or all the above!
2. SPORTRACK- Sport/Physical Education, including specific sports, knowledge and skills. These students will develop greater fitness throughout the year and improve their general understanding and abilities in a variety of games.
3. THINKTRACK- This class will suit students who enjoy using computers to create, love working independently on exciting and challenging tasks and also working interdependently in groups. It won't just be limited to using computers, but will appeal to those students who love learning, who are more academically minded and enjoy discovering new things about the world and how things work.
4. PRACTRACK - A practical, hands-on class with an emphasis on designing / engineering and building. Students will explore a range of computer and non-computer based technology discovering how things work and how to improve their effeciency.

It is exciting to see students identify, explore and develop their gifts and abilities with others who share their passion. The SMARTRACK program is providing a great avenue for students to be confident in expressing themselves and learning in the way they prefer. We believe that this program will be a key part of our Middle School for years to come and will attract others who wish to see their children developed in their gifts and abilities in a fun learning environment.

Middle School Parent Testimonial

It has been exactly what the children and I needed and the school has been fantastic. I arrived with two children who were very unhappy and will be leaving with two bright, bubbly content children. Thank you and the people at Charlton for making it the supportive and nurturing environment that it is.
We will all be sad to leave.

This is our tenth year at Charlton and our children are both very happy here. The Smartrack programme in Middle School is fantastic. At a time when children (especially boys) are starting to lose interest in school this programme helps grab their attention and make learning interesting again. While each track still covers all the acadeamic requirements,  the material is presented in a way that appeals to the childrens' individual preferences.
The teachers are all very nurturing of "their" children and encourage them to become better people as well as encouraging them to be their best academically.
I really can't speak highly enough of all the wonderful opportunities Charlton Christian College offers its students or of the wonderful staff who work so hard to make it all happen. We feel very blessed to belong to the College.
Jenine and Adrian Graham

Middle School Student Testimonial

Middle School at Charlton Christian College is full of helpful people in a fun learning environment.  The teachers are friendly and approachable and anytime students have a worry, they can talk it over.

Students with queries can also approach this year's Student Leaders: Benjamin Smith, Matthew Jenkins, Christopher Hooper, Jessica Sin and Ebony Jobse.

The Middle School environment also assists to make everyone's learning experience worthwhile.  It is neat, tidy and organised with wheelchair access too.  We have tote trays in each of the classrooms to keep students' possessions safe. 

We hope everyone enjoys their Middle School experience at Charlton.

By: Ebony Jobse and Laure-Elise Kenworthy

Parents' Association (PA)

The Parents' Association (PA) is a fellowship of parents and friends of Charlton who have a desire to be involved in their children's education and the school community. Our objectives are:

- to build relationships between parents and teachers
- to build relationships between parents and parents
- to create an environment where parents feel comfortable and part of the school community
- to bring parents to Christ

We are always pleased to welcome new members to the PA and encourage them to bring along their ideas and enthusiasm to our meetings. The PA meets?in Week 2 and Week 8 each term to discuss what is happening at school, to plan for future fundraising and fellowship opportunities and when appropriate, to advise the school of any concerns. The PA organises activities throughout the year which are open to all parents and friends of Charlton.

The PA is also involved in, and supports Charlton's many events. There are always updates about PA activities in the Weekly College Newsletter and a Parents Association Newsletter is produced each term.

Parents' Association Meeting Dates for 2014 are as follows:-

Tuesday 4th February
Tuesday 18th March
Tuesday 6th May
Tuesday 17th June
Tuesday 29th July
Tuesday 9th September
Tuesday 14th October
Tuesday 25th November

2013 Charlton Staff
Danielle Adamo - Middle School Maths and Science / Senior School Science, CAFS and Art Teacher
James Adamthwaite - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 5)
Scott Beattie - Middle and Senior School Maths, Senior School Science, ISP and Gaming Teacher
Penelope Black - Year 7-12 Curriculum Coordinator
Lyndon Burns - Junior School Teacher (Year 3)
Renee Carter - Librarian
Chantal Casey - Head of Senior School and Senior School Maths / CLS Teacher, Student Leadership / Student Welfare Officer
Ross Chadwick - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 7)
Jon Charlton - Operations Manager
Sonia Charlton - Reception
Ross Clarke - Garden Maintenance
Barbara Cooke - Accounts and Finance
Mary Cooper - Middle School Support Staff
Cheree Coutet - Middle and Senior School English and History Teacher
Michael Cossgrove - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 7) / Senior School DandT and PASS Teacher
Matthew Doel - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 8) / Stage 4 Leader
Louise Donnelly - Middle and Senior School Music Teacher
Anne Duquemin - Careers Advisor / Senior School Business Studies and Retail Teacher / TVET Coordinator
Daniel East - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 6)  / Senior School IST Teacher
Elealeh East - Junior School / Support Staff
Kylie Evans - Science Technician
Garrick Everett - Senior School Maths Teacher / KLA Leader
Ruth Everett - Library Technician
Kaye Farleigh - Junior School Teacher (Year 4)
Kim Farnham - Middle School French / Secondary Head of English and History / Senior School Girls Supervisor
Alan Feeney - Assistant Principal / Senior School Geography Teacher
Patricia Fiedler - Middle School Support Staff
Charissa Foster - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 8) / Senior School Drama and English Teacher
Matthew Geach - Senior School PDHPE, Marine Studies, Graphics and IST Teacher / Middle School DandT Teacher
Dallas Gill - IT Manager
Lisa Glennie - Junior School Learning Support
Vicki Gunning - Head of Junior School / Marketing and Promotions
Joseph Haig - Junior School RFF Teacher / Stage 2 Leader / E-Learning K-6
Debbie Hall - Senior School Support Coordinator
Fraser Hannam - Director of Teaching and Learning / Senior School Maths Teacher
Tracey Hartgers - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 6) / Stage 3 Leader
Cheryl Hartley - Cleaner
Julia Harwood - Junior School Teacher (Kindergarten)
Carolyn Hayes - Junior School Learning Support
Amanda Henson - Middle School Support Coordinator and Maths Teacher
Chrissy Hill - Senior School Learning Support
Estelle Hooper - Secretary / Principal's Assistant
Stephen Jenkins - Senior School English, History and Beach Elective Teacher
Susie Kellahan - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 7)
Leanne Koenen - Middle School Support Staff
Laura Koutnik - Junior School Learning Support
John Kroon - Business Manager
Peter Lalor - Middle School RFF Teacher / Primary Sports Organiser
Naomi Lawrence - Junior School Teacher (Year 1)
Kerry Laybourn - Purchasing Officer
John Lucas - Junior School Teacher (Year 4)
Jennifer Mason - Junior School Teacher (Year 3)
Ian Mathias - Middle and Senior School PDHPE Teacher / Senior School CLS Teacher
Joanne May - Junior School Learning Support
Andrea McKeown - Senior Support Staff
Donna McLean - Middle School and Senior School Visual Arts and Hospitality Teacher / TVET Compliance Officer
Asher Morrison - College Counsellor
John Newsome - Junior and Middle School Music Teacher / Senior School Band
Leanne Niven - Library Technician / Cleaner
Janice Nixon - Junior School Teacher (Year 1/2)
Steve Perrim - Bus Driver
Tammy Perrim - Acting Head of Middle School / Maths and Music Teacher
Emma Rae - Administrative Support Staff
Megan Pierson - Middle School Support Staff
Simone Randall - Junior School Teacher (Kindergarten) / Junior School Learning Support Coodinator / K-2 Leader
Kerrie Rees - Senior School Food Technology, Cook up a Storm and Middle School Art Teacher / KLA Leader
Elesha Renta - Executive Assistant
Michael Samild - Middle School Music and Senior School English Teacher
Julie Saunders - Middle School Core Teacher (Year 5)
Tracey Scott - Senior School Support Staff
Katrina Searle - Junior School Support Staff
Susan Skuthorpe - Principal
Ian Smith - Maintenance
Kirsty Smith - Junior School Teacher (Year 2)
Tracey Snowden - Canteen Manager
Matthew Stackhouse - College Chaplain / Senior School Studies of Religion and Beach Elective Teacher
Mark Steele - Bus Driver
Marnie Theodoulou - College Registrar
Scott Tisdell - Debtors Clerk
Michelle Thornton - Administration / Marketing Assistant
Craig Voysey - ICT Technician
Wade Warren - Senior School PDHPE and PASS Teacher / Secondary Sports Organiser
Nathan Welburn - Senior School DandT and ScienceTeacher / Stage 5 Leader
Rachel Welburn - Junior School Support Staff
Jonathan Weslake - Senior School Maths and CLS Teacher
Nathan Wiggs - Middle and Senior School Science and Senior School Chemistry Teacher / E-Learning 7-12
Paul Williams - Middle School Science / Senior School History and Geography Teacher
Mark Wilton - Middle and Senior School Science Teacher / Duke of Edinburgh / Stage 6 Leader
Virginia Wiltshire - College Pl@yschool Coordinator

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Charlton Senior School is unique in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area as it offers a partially Focussed HSC program. The HSC is traditionally considered to be a time of high stress for both students and their families. At Charlton we offer a variety of pathways that lead to the HSC.

The partially Focussed HSC program allows students to complete two HSC subjects, and sit the exams, in what is traditionally known as Year 11. Students then complete the remaining subjects in Year 12.

This approach allows students to concentrate on a smaller number of subjects each year. It reduces stress and models both university and TAFE patterns of study. Splitting the exams over two years allows students who struggle academically to focus on a smaller number of exams. It also allows high achievers the opportunity to complete more subjects due to interests, or to improve their final ATAR.

Each year a wide range of subjects are offered to students. The decision about which subjects run is made after considering the interest and ability of the relevant Year 11 and 12 cohort.

The HSC at Charlton is very flexible. Students may complete all their subjects at school, study online through OTEN or attend TAFE. Traineeships may also be incorporated into a student's HSC, giving them valuable industry experience. 

Charlton also offers Extension 1 and 2 subjects in English and Mathematics.

Pastoral Care 

The care and development of our Senior students is managed by placing them in vertically streamed single sex groups. This allows them to develop a strong, trusting relationship between a teacher and a small group of students. Students ideally stay in the same Pastoral Care class for four years. Vertically streaming the groups promotes a cohesive culture across the year groups in Senior School. This helps to maintain a feeling of community in an ever growing College. The Pastoral Care Teacher is also encouraged to develop a relationship with parents in order to further the partnership between home and school.

Parent Testimonial
My 'baby' has left school...he is the last of four. Three girls before him, all with blessed school lives, all gone through schools for those with special abilities, particular talents but what of Isaac; the last? Isaac, clever but headstrong, talented but undisciplined; what about him? "Well, there's that 'christian' school". That might be the answer for Isaac. But his father, unchurched, God denying, he would never agree.....would he? "We'll give it a try" he says, "just a trial". The trial has ended and Isaac is doing his HSC. He is still clever but headstrong; talented but undisciplined; yes! but this is the hook, listen carefully.....Isaac is going to be fine, in fact he is going to be great! God ministered to Isaac whilst at Charlton, ministered to him through the staff and the curriculum, and much to my surprise God also ministered to my husband too! Both these men have a long way too go (who amongst us doesn't eh?), but both have encountered God in a life altering, permanent way that will see them both to their ends; all this through Charlton. Thank you.

My daughter was having trouble keeping up at her old school. As soon as she started at Charlton the teachers not only assisted her to catch up but to excel higher than state average!

Quotes and Captions by Alanna Hinds and Natalie Bucknor.
The Mission elective allows us to go out into the community and make a difference. We learn how other people are different and have a chance to see different lifestyles. It helps us to appreciate what we've got. It's given me a heart to do more charity work. This is an opportunity that we wouldn't get to have at other schools.

I love that we get to do group activities, team building and get to know each other more. Having a leadership role allows me to get to know my fellow students on a closer level and also feel like I'm a part of the staff.
It's not just a professional relationship. The staff at Charlton are very supportive. They give of their time and will often go out of their way to help. The teachers respect the students and they make the effort to get to know you and your individual personality.
The environment at Charlton is peaceful. The smaller classes allow you to have better relationships. It feels more like a family.

Quotes and Captions by Keiran Seaman and Mikhail de Bastos
Outdoor Rec
We have the chance to be outside, experience new things and learn in more ways than one. We wouldn't have these same opportunities at other schools.
Student leadership
Having a role in leadership is awesome. Our opinion is heard throughout the school and we have done stuff to help the school. We meet weekly. The cooperation in what we are doing, provides a sense of unity. It's allowed us to build strong relationships with the teachers.
The staff at Charlton are always there and will take time out of their busy schedule to help you out. Their teaching techniques are good and they run the school well. Skuey does a good job.
Work Exp
Work experience was great! I got to find out that I really like retail and would like to run my own business one day. I developed management skills through keeping the shop clean, making major and minor sales, taking phone calls, helping people with their on-line website. I made some very good associates that will actually help me out after school, through uni and in life in general. I even got a job offer out of it.
Keiran - Outdoor Rec
It's fun and great to get outside the school. It's allowed me to create better friendships and develop the skills of leadership, independence, confidence, decisiveness, and it gets you doing stuff that you wouldn't otherwise do.
Being in leadership I've gotten to know the staff better. Being a leader allows you to get to know people in a different light and meet people from other schools. I've learnt skills such as management, planning and fundraising.
The staff are definitely better at Charlton. They are always there to help you, quick to give you a hand and committed. They always go the extra mile. You never get looked down on and always feel respected.

Quotes and Captions by Sarah Crawford and Madeline Ings
Outdoor Rec
Given me the opportunity to get to know some of my classmates better and to rely on them and have them rely on me. I've learnt team building skills and how to respect the environment. I've learnt how to put up a tent (laughs)
Being a student leader has taught me how to communicate better and organize things such as assemblies. I've also gotten to know Christ better.
The staff are wonderful! They are easy to talk to, helpful, always there if you need them and are looking out for your best interest.
Charlton Christian College is a Christian environment. It encourages us to follow God. I feel safer and know that I can talk to someone if I have any problems. It has a wonderful landscape with lots of trees.
Sarah - Leadership
Being in our senior year we have a greater level of influence so being in leadership we get to learn how to use that influence well. It's also great learning from God because he is the ultimate leader. It's taught me how to organize better, and grow in confidence.
They're really weird so I can relate to them and as a senior they respect you more and you can respect them. They're very funny. They have very good teaching methods and try to cater to every student. They will push you because they know your best ability in each subject. They are very caring and they value us as individuals.
HSC Focussed
It's very intense, because you do it all in one year but it means you remember things easily. It's a lot of work and requires a lot of focus, however, it is beneficial because you don't have to do as much study for all subjects at the one time. The teachers are a great support in helping you through it.

Quotes and Captions by Scott Mair
Leadership has given me the opportunity to lead other students to Christ and to lead students in a positive direction. It has allowed us to meet with other leaders from different schools and discuss leadership issues and where we want to see our community. I've learnt to talk to people easier and it has taught me to not to be too critical.
The Focussed HSC is helpful because you don't get stressed with having so many subjects at one time. It's good that the school is small so we can easily study together and help each other.
The staff at Charlton are wonderful. They are very Christ orientated and always have a positive attitude. They are very good role models and always listen. Christian, easier to relate to than other people, pray together.

The Middle School at Charlton Christian College seeks to provide a curriculum that is responsive to the developmental needs of young adolescents while equipping them with a Biblical worldview.
The middle years are a time of great transition, particularly in emotional, physical, social, and psychological terms. It can be a very dislocating time for young adolescents as they move from a Primary structure into a Secondary structure, and at the same time deal with the changes that are taking place within themselves and in their perception of the world. The concept of middle schooling seeks to respond to these changes by combining the best practice of Primary schooling with that of Secondary schooling.
In a Christian context, the Middle School endeavours to provide an "ethos of caring" at a time when children are coming to terms with their own sense of faith in God. Therefore, the ages between 10-15 years are a crucial time to help young people find who God has called them to be and begin to move in that direction to become mature members of God's kingdom.

Uniform Shop
Charlton's Uniform Shop is owned and managed by Alinta Australia which is a firm based at West Gosford. Our shop, however, is located at the College and provides almost all school uniform requirements. A lay-by system and ordering system are both available for convenience. Telephone orders are also welcomed to be placed on Credit Card. The Uniform Shop accepts cash, cheque, eftpos and credit cards.
Enquiries, fittings and laybys can be made via the shop during their opening hours or by phoning: 4950 5760.

A full price list is available from the College Office or via the 'Alinta' website at http://www.alintaapparel.com.au/

Opening Hours
Monday: 8.30am to 9am and 2.30pm to 4pm
Thursday: 8.30am to 10am and 2.30pm to 4pm

Second Hand Uniform Shop
As a fundraising opportunity for the King Solomon Christian School International in Manila, some volunteers have set up a Second Hand Uniform Shop. Parents may bring in articles to be sold on consignment for parents asking price plus10 percent fee added, to be given to the fundraiser. Garments may also be donated with the entire sale price given to KSCSI.
Please note that there will be no EFTPOS facilities available.
Opening Hours
Monday: 3pm to 3.30pm
Thursday: 3pm to 3.30pm
By appointment: Please phone Leigha on 0431 455 641

The College Canteen hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 12.40 until 1.20pm. Our Canteen is run by our Canteen Manager and is staffed by parent volunteers.
Lunch Orders are taken Monday to Friday for all students for both fresh and hot foods. Junior School students are to place lunch orders in the basket situated in their classroom each morning. Middle and Senior School students are required to place their orders in the "Locked Box" on the wall outside of the Staff Administration Building before 11am. Lunch orders should be written on a paper bag with the correct money placed inside.

The current Canteen menu can be accessed here:Canteen Menu

Canteen volunteers are essential to the Canteen operating efficiently. If you would like to become involved on the Canteen Roster, please contact the College Office between 11am and 2pm and ask to speak to the Canteen Manager. Volunteering in Canteen counts towards your Working Bee Levy.

Canteen Roaster: Term 3

Tuition fees are an important part of the ongoing operation of the College. It should be noted that fees are kept to a minimum and primarily cover recurrent costs, not capital costs.
Tuition fees are charged each term (January, April, July and October).
Full details of the current school fees will be provided to you when you request a College Prospectus.
Christian Education Foundation Ltd (CEF) awards bursaries on the basis of need.  Bursaries are designed to make Christian education accessible to all families regardless of their ability to pay full fees.
In assessing a bursary application, the family's financial situation is taken into consideration. CEF requires that every family contribute to College fees, but recognises that this will vary depending on individual circumstances. Priority is given to families who have demonstrated a commitment to the College and their desire for Christian education. Not all applicants are successful.
The full Bursary Guidelines and Application forms are available from the College office.

The following assistance with fees is also available.
Family concessions on tuition fees for second and third children. The fourth and subsequent children are free.
Support for families employed by local churches or church based ministries. 
A number of scholarships are made available through the Principal each year.

2013 Fee Schedule

The College does not presently have an OOSH service on site, however, there are OOSH services in the community that our students access. The YMCA at Toronto provides a bus to pick-up and drop students at the College. Other students attend OOSH services at Woodrising and Speers Point and then travel to the College via government bus services.

The PL@YSCHOOL program runs in the College MPC on a Wednesday from 9.00 - 11.00am, during the school term. Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and Carers are welcome to bring their bub, toddler or preschooler to join in the program. This program is a great way for Charlton parents with young children to get to know each other better and it is also an excellent way to outreach and welcome families from our?community into the College.

The first part of the morning involves a wide variety of free choice activities. The program then moves into more structured group activities?such as?stories and songs.

Morning Tea is also provided.
The cost is $5 per child, maximum of $10 per family.

Bookings are not necessary.

For further information please contact our Head of Junior School, Mrs Vicki Gunning or our Pl@yschool Coordinator, Mrs Jessica Bruce.

The Senior School at Charlton is a place of opportunity.
Our Senior School sets the tone for the whole school. It is a place where teenagers are valued and stretched and given opportunity to excel in all areas. It is a place where vision is spoken over them frequently and where they are challenged and equipped to not just cope but overcome any obstacle that life throws at them.
The Senior School will be marked by students who are resilient, passionate and ready to do life magnificently. They will be young people who are not prepared to settle for average but more than able to speak up and clearly present a Christian world view in all areas of society. There will be a strong emphasis on not only developing but maintaining a Christian culture. Students will mature as Christians and leaders in their generation and be passionate about seeing revival in their school.
I believe Charlton is maturing into a College which will become known in the community as a unique educational facility where enrolments are highly sought after. The integrity and character of the Senior School is maintained due to a passionate and committed staff. The staff are working to create a school that is a leader educationally and spiritually. The ripple effect onto the community will be huge as lives and families will be changed forever. Many who have prayed for years for the west side of the lake will see their prayers come to pass. We are in a harvest time and God calls us to be good stewards of our time and what He is placing in our hands. Charlton is a great school but it is about to get even better.
Chantal Casey. 

(Tafe Delivered Vocational Education and Training)

Student can undertake a range of TVET courses through outside providers (TAFE and OTEN) as part of their HSC studies.Course that can be studied that count towards an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) include:
Business Services
Human Services
Metals and Engineering

Courses that can be studied that count towards the HSC include:
Children's Services
Music Industry
Desktop Publishing

Students may also undertake a School based traineeship or a School based apprenticeship at the same time as completing their HSC studies.

Enrolling at Charlton is Easy!

Follow these four easy steps................

1. Request a Prospectus
- You will find a link for this on this website.

2. Organise a tour of our College by contacting our Enrolments Registrar
- Look around our facilities
- Meet our friendly students and staff
- View lessons in progress
- Ask any questions you may have

3. Return Your Application Form
- This can be dropped into the College Reception, or posted to PO Box 605, Toronto, 2283
- Remember to include a copy of all relevant documents and original birth certificate
- Pay your Application Fee

4. Arrange an Interview
- Once all required documentation has been provided our Registrar will organise for you to meet with our College Principal/ Head of School/Learning Support Staff (depending on your child's needs)
- At the interview you will be given an overview of the College's values and beliefs and revisit the 'Conditions of Enrolment'
- Any questions or concerns can be discussed during this interview
If there is a position available and your application is accepted, you will receive an Enrolment Offer in the mail.

The College allows external tutors to use their premises to provide individual tuition to students in the areas of music and dance.

Fees are paid directly to the tutor.

Lessons may be held before, after or during school hours. However, any tuition offered during class time must have prior approval from a Head of School.

Please contact the teacher directly for more information with regards to prices and availability.

Guitar Tuition
Brett Naylor - 0478 229 043

Drum Tuition
John Casey - 0413 575 084

Dance Tuition
Elealeh East - 0420 507 029

Woodwind Tuition - Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute
Diane Moss - 0412767600

Piano and Singing Tuition
Phil Tweed - 0413367257


At Charlton we are committed to providing opportunities for all students to serve others. As our school community is comprised of students at different stages of faith and spiritual maturity, opportunities to serve others are divided into two areas: 'Service' and 'Missions'.

Service opportunities are provided through:
- Curriculum and classroom associated activities organised by individual teachers or faculties.
- The 'In- school' and 'Out-of-school' service hours requirement for Christian Life Studies.
- Initiatives taken by various individuals and the school e.g. the fund-raising activities.
- Initiatives taken by various individuals and others in the community. For example: visitation to a nursing home.

The focus of these activities is to assist all students through life-experience to learn compassion, respect for human dignity, acceptance, empathy and an appreciation of human diversity. All students need to recognise that as members of the human family they have a responsibility to serve others.
As members of the Charlton community all individual and group service is done in the Name of the Lord Jesus as a witness to His love for all people.

The purpose of providing missions opportunities for students, former students, staff, parents and board members within Australia and overseas is to encourage each community member to use whatever gift(s) God has given to him/her to serve others faithfully, through ministering God's grace. It is also the means of nurturing unity and relationships between different members of the Charlton community.

The College currently offers Senior School mission trips to the Philippines and Nepal.

Charlton Christian College is conveniently located for travel by car or public transport, located directly next to Fassifern Train Station.

Direct buses run to Blackalls Park, Toronto, Coal Point, Carey Bay, Kilaben Bay, Rathmines, Wangi Wangi, Barnsley, Holmesville, and Killingworth.? (Cameron Park route is in the process of being put in place).

Public Buses are available from Fassifern Station to Charlestown, Edgeworth, etc...

For specific information on bus routes and timetables, please visit the following websites:-

Hunter Valley Buses
Covers most suburbs in proximity to the school.

Newcastle Buses

Raill - Fassifern Railway Station (directly next to the College)

For information regarding School Student Transport Scheme, Travel Concessions and the eligibility of students wishing to apply for free Bus and Rail travel please visit:-
Ministry of Transport

Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC)
PVC subsidy is available for eligible school students, who are residents of NSW, where there is no public transport for all or part of the journey.? PVC is paid on a daily basis for the single distance journey between home and transport pick up point/school.?Please contact the College for further information, eligibility details and forms.

Is Your Child A Bright Spark?

At Charlton it has become very clear to us that we cannot make a blanket statement as to what age children should be when they start school.
School readiness is not at all age dependent. Just as children lose their teeth at different ages, learn to ride a bike at different ages and become toilet trained at different ages, we also believe that children are ready to start school at different ages.
Charlton Christian College operates a 'Bright Sparks' program where we accept children who are young (have turned four by 1st January), but are school ready.
We ascertain a child's 'school readiness' with a one-on-one assessment looking at the child's different levels of development in areas such as language, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive ability, auditory discrimination, self-help and social and emotional skills. If the child performs well in these assessments they are offered a place in our Kindergarten program.
'Bright Sparks' children focus on NSW Board of Studies Kindergarten outcomes and children progress to Year 1 the following year.


Alpha Course - Commencing Wednesday 19th February, 2014
Click Here for more information

College Counsellor
Charlton Christian College is a well-established College located in western Lake Macquarie offering Christ-focused education of excellence to over 650 students from Kindergarten - Year 12.
The College is seeking to appoint a College Counsellor who will provide support and counselling services for students, staff and families. The position is permanent part time for two days each week

Specific Responsibilities

- Developing, implementing and evaluating a counselling and referral service for students, their families and teachers
- Facilitating group work for students, including preventative behaviour management strategies, grief and loss groups; social skills, leadership training and peer support
- Liaison with other Christian welfare professionals, and establish a network for cooperation and referral
- Working with Government and other secular services, to supplement the Christian services
- Organising case conferences with teaching staff and parents, and support the implementation of agreed outcomes for particular students
- Running appropriate professional development for staff in areas related to student welfare issues
- Involvement in school camps and staff meetings as required
- Conducting parent support meetings
- Working with teachers in the classroom contexts and to lead discussion on social issues emanating from the syllabus
- Providing mediation to assist in the resolution of student or parent issues
- Observing students in class and playground to assist with the development of Individual Education Programs (IEPs).

Essential Skills
- Ability to work in a cooperative team environment
- Ability and willingness to work within a Christian framework of service provision
- A sound understanding of current issues in child and adolescent development
- Skills in community education and group work
- Ability and willingness to implement proactive programmes, in consultation with teaching staff
- Well-developed written and verbal communication skills
- Ability to liaise with other professionals and organisations
- Previous experience in working with children, adolescents and families
- Accredited training in the field of counselling and human resources
- Ability to develop resources and intervention programmes
- Computer literacy
- School based experience
- Drivers Licence

Applicants must be committed evangelical Christians, active in their local church and in agreement with the College's Statement of Faith.
To apply for this position, an Application Package should be downloaded here.
For further information, please contact Mrs Sue Skuthorpe (Principal)
Applications close Monday, 16th June, 2104


Charlton Christian College National Chaplaincy Participation
School Chaplaincy at Charlton Christian College is funded by the Federal Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations through the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, the school and the Local Chaplaincy Committee.
  • The chaplaincy service at this school is approved by the Parents' Association and the local Minister's Fraternal. Each year a school community consultation process is conducted to establish approval for funding for the following year and the continuation of the service.
  • The Chaplain is available to support students, parents and staff. If you would like to make an appointment for your child or yourself to see the Chaplain, please contact the College Office.
  • Participation by students in the chaplaincy program is voluntary.
  • If you do not want your child/ren to be involved in the chaplaincy service in this school, please contact Mrs Skuthorpe.

What is a School Chaplain?
  • This program aims to help our school community support the spiritual, social and emotional wellbeing of our students.
  • Chaplains are a part of the student support services team in this school including the Counsellor and Pastoral Care teachers.
  • Chaplain provides students, their families and staff with support and appropriate referrals.
  • Chaplains participate in school activities e.g. camps, excursions, sports events, and other appropriate programs.
  • Chaplains have relevant qualifications, with a minimum of Cert IV in Youth Work and Diploma level or working towards Diploma level.
  • Chaplains participate in regular professional learning/training.

Aims of the School Chaplaincy Service

Our College Chaplain is at school every day. He is also a teacher at the College.

The Chaplain is: Matthew Stackhouse

He is:
  • a role model for students
  • a listening ear
  • a caring presence
  • a resource on values, meaning and purpose
  • a link between your school and its community
  • providing students with an opportunity to explore their spirituality within the Christian context of Charlton.

Roles and Responsibilites of Chaplains
NSCSWP Guidelines
The roles and responsibilities of School Chaplains can be viewed in the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program Guidelines (pages 9-11) at: http://deewr.gov.au/news/updated-national-school-chaplaincy-and-student-welfare-program
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